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The Veterinary Innovation Council believes in utilizing the full veterinary team to the highest degree, so teams can not only survive, but thrive. Below, we have outlined the veterinary team initiative and invite you to view our current focuses and strategy.

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Building Better Teams

Pet healthcare in the United States faces challenges on all fronts due to chronic shortages throughout the system. The below challenges exist in veterinary medicine and are the basis to the development of VIC’s seven strategic steps toward building better teams.

  • There are too few veterinarians to meet growing demand by millennials for pet care, with the shortage increasing each year.
  • There are too few credentialed veterinary technicians/nurses, a general dissatisfaction with utilization of their trained skills and competencies and low pay.
  • There is a lack of training or awareness for veterinarians on how best to work with veterinary technicians/nurses and why it is vital to successful practices.
  • We have a confusing mixture of titles and responsibilities for veterinary technicians/nurses from state to state, with pet owners not understanding their expertise, training and certification.
  • There’s a need to apply lessons from human healthcare about the essential role of extenders or professionals other than veterinary medical doctors. A thoughtful, national strategy must be developed to address these issues.
  • With the exception of four universities, veterinary schools are not involved with academic programs for veterinary technicians/nurses.
  • The new culture of pets in America and the rise of millennial pet owners has increased overall demand for pet healthcare professionals.

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