For Students

All the innovation in the world won’t help unless we train the veterinarians of tomorrow how to take advantage of the opportunities that new and emerging companies offer.

Here are a few companies and events to help you learn and grow as an emerging veterinary professional.

  • Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy
    This unique 12-week program that combines startups, students, and veterinary practices to accelerate animal health innovation. We pair companies that are willing to challenge the status quo with students who have the passion and experience to advance the veterinary profession. Students add value to partners in a variety of ways and here are a few examples of where companies can expect them to contribute

  • Veterinary Innovation Summit
    Veterinarians today are playing a more significant role and having a more substantial impact on the world than ever before. They are developing new therapies to treat cancer, containing the spread of disease, supporting disabled people through animal assistance programs, promoting the human-animal bond, combating climate change and addressing food security. Veterinarians are quite literally transforming the lives of people and our society each and every day.

This April, we’ll celebrate, explore and enhance the Veterinary impact on the world at the Veterinary Innovation Summit. You won’t want to miss it!

Activities that the VIC Supports

The Idea Competition
The Idea is an innovation competition exclusively for veterinary students aimed at spurring creativity and innovation directed toward animals, veterinarians, and/or veterinary students. We help students move their ideas from ideation through to prototype to be entered into the pitch competition.